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Tribute gifts are a meaningful and impactful way to memorialize or honor special loved ones. You also create a tangible legacy of your personal connection to the College and its mission – a valuable gift indeed. A number of naming opportunities exist on campus including the clinic, the tower and the new academic complex. Gifts made for this purpose can be designated at the donor’s discretion (scholarships, building fund, etc). A plaque with wording of your choice will be placed in a prominent area of the location you choose to name. The following offers a basic overview for some of the various naming opportunities.

Tribute Bricks

The entrance of The Eye Center contains personalized bricks placed there by alumni and friends who made the decision to support the college by making a lasting tribute to a friend or family member. Two options are available: 4”x 8” brick requires a $500.00 donation while the 8”x8” brick a $1,000.00 donation. Character limitations apply, please contact the Development office for more details.

The Eye Center

With over 75 exam rooms, suites, and conference rooms, the Eye Center allows for choice of many areas of specialty including Low Vision, Contact Lens, Primary Care, Vision Therapy, etc. Required donations begin at $10,000 and long-term pledges can be arranged.

The Tower

SCO’s 11-story tower houses administrative offices, labs, the campus library, East/West Classrooms, and the Blink diner. Pre-clinical lab areas were added to the first floor during the construction of the academic complex. The epicenter of operations for the college, several opportunities exist for tribute gifts. Donations begin at $25,000 and long-term pledges can be arranged.

Academic Complex

Located behind our existing Tower, SCO’s state-of-the-art academic facility provides flexible classroom space that adds more than 23,000 square feet to our campus footprint. Donations begin at $250,000 and long-term pledges can be arranged.

Endowed Scholarship Awards 

Donations to SCO’s scholarship fund are among the most meaningful and impactful for students. Despite SCO having the lowest tuition among private optometry schools and the third lowest of public institutions, 93% of students must rely on financial assistance to fund their optometric education through scholarships, loans, grants, and work-study programs. A minimum corpus of $20,000 is required and provides a $1,000 annual scholarship in perpetuity to a deserving recipient based on the criteria you choose. Portfolio performance may vary due to market changes.

Please note: All facility naming opportunities are subject to President and Board of Trustees approval.

Questions, contact Cecily Freeman in the Development office by email ([email protected]) or by phone at (901) 722-3290.