What's Next?

The New Plan

SCO’s Strategic Planning Committee was charged with developing the long-term strategic plan to guide the college over the next five years. The committee responded to this challenge by proactively formulating and refining the vision that will meet the needs of the college’s primary stakeholders.

In recent years, the college has achieved considerable success with recruiting and educating top qualified optometry students.
Likewise, the college’s fiscal foundations remain strong. The greatest opportunity to solidify SCO’s future direction relates to increasing the college’s stature and making the case that SCO’s positive impact on the community merits increased philanthropic support, both at the local level and in terms of engaged alumni and ophthalmic partnerships.

SCO’s work within the Memphis community correlates to the need for demonstrating institutional impact, both to millennial students who desire to understand the importance of their career and life choices, as well as to alumni and community partners who recognizethe value that SCO brings to the education of our students and to the patients served through our mission.

Setting a Course for the Future

The mission of Southern College of Optometry is to lead the profession by:

  • Educating the best possible healthcare providers;
  • Promoting lifelong learning and
  • Fostering a personal commitment to service.

Educating the finest optometrists with a vision for leadership and service. We see results from our potential.

Three primary themes define the new strategic plan:

  • Moving from Student to Professional
  • Leveraging Fiscal Strength
  • Strengthening Relationships within Memphis