What's Next?

Dana Webster, OD Salus University ‘11

“I am very thankful for my experiences at Eyecare Professionals over the past year. I have gained a tremendous amount of invaluable knowledge from this residency program. My knowledge base and confidence level have increased exponentially. I would highly recommend this residency to any graduating optometrist who is interested in learning how to grow and manage a vision therapy specialty in a private practice setting."

Dana Webster, OD Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation Resident, 2011-2012

Miki Lyn D’Angelo, OD SUNY Optometry ‘13

"I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to complete my residency year with Eyecare Professionals. I feel more confident than ever in terms of my knowledge base, clinical abilities and practice management skills. Through my experience with patients of all ages in the vision therapy, ocular disease and primary care I am entering my first year of independent clinical practice with the certainty that I can provide exceptional care to my patients.
This residency program is truly the whole package: exposure to all areas of optometry with a focus in vision therapy and rehabilitation, a module in practice management and best of all a family of doctors that will support you throughout your career. I would encourage any graduating optometrist to consider this residency if they are interested in learning how to successfully develop and manage a vision therapy specialty in a private practice."

Miki Lyn D’Angelo, OD Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation Resident, 2013-2014

Amy (Bartal) Desmond, OD Salus University ‘10  

“I am very fortunate to have completed my residency at EyeCare Professionals.   EyeCare Professionals has provided me with outstanding guidance and instruction and has fostered my growth as a young doctor.  All of the doctors and staff believed in my ability to grow as a resident which provided me with the confidence to develop my own vision therapy practice.   They have made a difference in my life and I am now able to incorporate the knowledge learned through my residency and enhance the lives of others.   I am grateful for the intellectual, clinical, and personal growth EyeCare Professionals has provided.  I will cherish the time spent working alongside such a wonderful team of doctors and staff.  I couldn’t have asked for more. “  

Amy (Bartal) Desmond, OD Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation Resident, 2010-2011