Spring Break, here we come.
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Spring Break, here we come.

Hey everyone!

Well, a lot has happened over the last month! I promised to update you all on State Day, as well as SCO's EyeBall 2017 event.

First off, state day was an incredible experience. There were optometrists, literally, from all over the country at SCO, available to network and answer questions. I personally spent a great deal of time talking to the optometrist present from Florida, my home state. I learned a significant amount about what it's like to practice in Florida, own a private practice and how to get involved in the Florida state association (FOA). Also, Dr. Andrea Thau, the current AOA president, was able to speak with us about the importance of getting involved in our state and national optometric associations as well as some of her personal experiences and what led her into the position she is in now. Overall, the entire day was wonderfully organized and extremely helpful. It opened my eyes to the importance of advocating for our career.

EyeBall 2017 was also amazing! There was dancing, drinks and lots of mingling with classmates. The venue chosen for Eyeball was located right along the Mississippi river so the view was absolutely gorgeous!! It has definitely been one of the highlights of my time at SCO so far, and so I am already really excited for next year's EyeBall event.

All in all, second semester of first year has been great, thus far. We recently completed our first exam week which consisted of 7 exams in one week! Though there were a few more exams during this midterm week as opposed to last semester, it actually seemed a little bit easier. I would say it's probably because we've all become pretty accustomed to what we have to do in order to prepare for the week long of exams.

Lastly, I would also like to add that I was recently selected to be a Class of 2020 Student Ambassador! Something I really wanted to get involved with since I first toured at SCO and knew that it was the optometry school I wanted to attend. You may see me around if you come by for a tour or an event on SCO's campus!

Well, spring break starts today and I am off to FLORIDA for some much needed beach time! (though Memphis has actually been feeling like Florida lately, haha!)

I will be back with you all soon!