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Student Life

Many prospective students become familiar with the various aspects of student life during the undergraduate experience. And while student life during optometry school is different from student life during undergrad, many aspects remain the same: "Where do I live? How do I get to know other people in my program? What clubs can I join? What is there to do in Memphis?”

By using the information found throughout the different areas of our Student Life page, we think you'll get a clearer picture of all that SCO has to offer.


According to the American Chamber of Commerce Researchers Association, Memphis has the lowest cost of living in the nation among cities with populations of more than 500,000. 

Entering students are able to find high-quality accommodations in and around the city that allow living costs to be kept reasonably low, especially when they choose to live with a roommate or two.  A few apartment complexes that are popular with SCO students are within walking distance of campus.  Rental homes are also available, and some SCO students choose to invest in the purchase of a home.

For those interested, the Office of Student Services maintains housing information, including a city map, apartment guides, a housing marketplace, apartment locator services, and realtor recommendations.  Admissions staff are also happy to provide personalized advice to students about where to live and how to handle the housing search process. The office also maintains a roommate search forum for those interested in sharing expenses with another entering student.

Use our Housing Virtual Marketplace to browse regional apartment complexes by area.

Contact the Office of Student Services at (800) 238-0180 for further information.

Student Life Blogs

Expose yourself to optometry. Embrace the culture. Experience Memphis.

Our Student Life blogs allow you to gain insightful perspectives directly from our students. Many blog posts highlight our students’ service activities in the community. Other posts highlight clinical and externship experiences, student organization and social activities, or simply life as a student at SCO. We believe these blogs help prospective students envision their futures.

Our students are excited to share their stories. We hope you are excited to learn more about them.

Student Testimonials

We have students from across the country—and across the globe. They enjoy sharing their experiences, goals and community involvement.

On our Student Testimonials page, you can watch many of our current students and alumni discuss their time at SCO. These students and graduates share because they were once in your position, nervous about applying to optometry school or deciding where to attend optometry school. They want to give you a better understanding of the processes, expectations and experiences awaiting you at SCO.

Living in Memphis

Big city. Small-town feel. This is Memphis.

Memphis is a city full of terrific food, incredible live music, festivals of all sorts, powerful historical museums and more. We take pride in our history and community, all while boasting a low cost of living.

Do you want to learn more about the city? Visit below.

Why SCO is the Right School for Me

Our students have chosen SCO for a variety of reasons, ranging from our superior clinical education through The Eye Center to the diverse patient-base we work with here in Memphis. However, a common theme you'll find in our student testimonials is an appreciation for the community of SCO. With a diverse student body from nearly all 50 states, Canada, and beyond, and a campus-wide personal commitment to service, SCO provides a strong professional network for your optometric training and career.


Hear from an SCO student about optometry school: