What's Next?

Important information for students

Ceremony Details

  1. Students should arrive to the pre-clinical laboratories on the first floor (Rooms 144 and 146) no later than 4:00pm.  Students will be placed in the order of the processional. 
  2. Clinic attire is required dress for the ceremony and will include the addition of ties for male students. 
  3. The clinic dress code can be found at the following link (pages 14-15 of the Clinical Protocol Manual):
  4. The processional of the class into the Academic Complex will begin the ceremony.
  5. The presentation of the white coat and signing of the honor code will follow a brief welcome and introductory remarks.
  6. Students will be directed by rows to form a line at the ready mark to await their individual presentation.
  7. Mr. Hauser, Vice President for Student Services will be announcing each student by name.  If you have a name that is often mispronounced, please be sure to respond to Mr. Hauser’s email request for information today.  His email address is:  [email protected] 
  8. When your name is called, proceed to the photo mark where Dr. Venable, Vice President for Clinical Programs will assist you in donning your white coat.  A candid photo will be taken at this time.
  9. Proceed directly in front of the center podium to sign the Honor Code with Kailey Soileau, SGA President.  You will then step to the side to receive an individual copy of the honor code and have a photo taken with Dr. Campbell, Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  10. Following the photo, you will return to your designated seating by walking behind the podium back to your row.
  11. The class will be led in the recitation of the Optometric Student Oath to conclude the ceremony.

White Coat Measurements 

You will be given your clinic jacket at the White Coat Ceremony on August 24. If you attended the Housing Fair and were measured there, then, you are in good shape. If you were unable to attend the fair, but will be in Memphis sometime before August 4, you can stop by Landau Uniforms and tell them you need to be measured for an SCO white coat. 

Landau Uniforms 
1004 Madison Avenue (just up the street from SCO) 
Memphis, TN 38104
901-523-9655 x 101

If you will not be in Memphis until after August 4, you can email your size to Donna Carrico at [email protected].  Be sure to give your full name, an alpha size (S, M, L, etc.) and if you are a female, include a numeric size (2, 4, 6, etc.).