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Strategic Plan

In recent years, the college has achieved considerable success with recruiting and educating top qualified optometry students. Likewise, the college’s fiscal foundations remain strong. The greatest opportunity to solidify SCO’s future direction relates to increasing the college’s stature and making the case that SCO’s positive impact on the community merits increased philanthropic support, both at the local level and in terms of engaged alumni and ophthalmic partnerships. SCO’s Strategic Plan went into effect July 1, 2017 to guide the college over the next five years. 

Three primary themes define the new strategic plan:

  • Moving from Applicant to Professional
  • Leveraging Fiscal Strength 
  • Strengthening Relationships within Memphis

Theme 1 –
Moving from Applicant to Professional

Southern College of Optometry will develop future-oriented applicant pipelines to recruit top applicants focused on their academic, professional, and personal development. The college will matriculate candidates with the best potential to succeed as contemporary optometrists and actively engaged alumni who recognize and appreciate SCO’s role in their transformation from student to professional.

Theme 2 –
Leveraging Fiscal Strength

With a commitment to being good stewards of its resources, SCO will prioritize and implement initiatives to plan and prioritize expenditures, revenue, and donations which support the college’s ability to reduce institutional debt and promote program affordability to students.

Theme 3 –
Strengthening Relationships within Memphis

SCO will enhance collaboration with community partners which foster the college’s culture of service. The SCO story and the college’s institutional expertise will be shared more broadly with the greater Memphis community.