What's Next?

Strategic Initiatives

These themes reflect input from SCO’s community and indicate the strategic vision for providing optometric education to our students, the primary stakeholder in our mission. Within these themes can be found initiatives that reflect SCO’s values and strategies for:

  • Developing a robust enrollment pipeline to recruit the best-qualified students,
  • Providing the academic and clinical training to transform students into optometric physicians,
  • Creating engaged graduates who recognize the role that SCO played in their education and the importance of serving others,
  • Working to counteract student indebtedness by making SCO affordable without sacrificing quality,
  • Increasing alumni and community philanthropic support, and
  • Growing awareness and appreciation at the local level for SCO’s unique position in Memphis as one of the nation’s leading optometry colleges.

Initiatives are designed to take no more than 1-2 years maximum to achieve and will be prioritized for implementation. Research needed before beginning initiatives should never take more than 60 days before proceeding, with the exception being a large research project than can be broken down into 4-8 week segments as progress is monitored.

The Strategic Planning Team identified priorities with the general rule being that no more than two initiatives in an area would be undertaken at a time in order to accomplish larger objectives.