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Residency Certification Procedures

Admissions Office – Southern College of Optometry
1245 Madison Avenue, Memphis, TN 38104
In order to be considered for a reserved regional (contract) position, residency certification is required for applicants from regional states (see list below). State agencies (not SCO) determine what is required for becoming eligible for consideration of a contract seat. Certification does not have to be on file at SCO in order for a contract seat to be awarded, but it must be received prior to enrollment. States that require certification are listed on the State Residency Certification Officers page, and general information for each regional state is indicated below.

Arkansas      (O), (N)
Georgia#  (A), (R)
Kansas*  (A), (R), (S)
Kentucky  (C), (R)
Louisiana  (A), (N), (S)
Mississippi  (M), (S)
South Carolina  (T)
Tennessee  (B), (N)
West Virginia  (A), (N)

(A)   Applicants must write to or call the state certification officer for a residence form.  Return the completed form to the state certification officer, whose name and address appear on the State Residency Certification Officers page.

(B)   The Admissions Office at Southern College of Optometry maintains copies of the residency certification form.  Please call the Admissions Office if a form is needed..

(C)   Applicants attending a Kentucky PUBLIC higher education institution can mail a letter to the Admissions Office from their university stating they qualify for in-state funding.  Applicants attending PRIVATE institutions, or any institution outside Kentucky, must download an application from the internet address listed on the State Residency Certification Officers page.

(M)   Mississippi does not have a residency certification form, but rather, the state requires you to complete the online application for state aid at www.mississippi.edu/financialaid.  New applicants and returning students (those who have already enrolled at SCO) should complete the online application between Oct. 1 and March 31 and submit supporting documents by April 30.  For more information, follow the link above, select “Graduate Programs” and then select “SREB-Optometry.”

(N)   Re-certification of residency is not required upon submission of an application for a subsequent entering class unless there is information which might alter the state of residency.

(O)   Residents should apply online at http://scholarships.adhe.edu/ (click on YOUniversal Financial Aid System). Deadline is June 1.

(R)    Re-application is required each time an application is submitted, even though the applicant may have been previously certified as a resident of that state.

(S)   Acceptance of a contract seat obligates the student to return to the state to practice optometry at least one year for each year he/she receives contract funds OR to repay the contract amount in full (with interest) after graduation.

(T)   The residency certification form is available by clicking here.  Please note that SC contract students who have been certified as a state resident for the purpose of participating in the SREB Contract Program must be recertified prior to the beginning of each fall semester for each academic year for which benefits are requested.

# Indicate that you are applying for admission to optometry school.
* Applicants from Kansas must complete and submit their residency application to the state officer by May 1.
Please note that residency certification does not guarantee a regional position, as seats are limited.  Please contact the residency certification officer on the State Residency Certification Officers page if you have questions. 6/22/17