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Tom Spetalnick, OD
Refractive Surgery and Corneal Collagen Crosslinking Clinic

As our Clinical Director, Dr. Spetalnick oversees patient care at all of the Woolfson Eye Institute centers. He also trains our staff, communicates with our referring doctors, and provides Continuing Education courses for eye doctors throughout the Southeast and nationally. 

Dr. Spetalnick was educated at the University of Georgia, the University of Alabama-Birmingham School of Optometry, and has participated in numerous refractive surgery conferences and seminars. 

Dr. Spetalnick is a member of the Optometric Council on Refractive Technology and a past member of the International Society of Refractive Surgery. He will serve as the President of the Greater Atlanta Optometric Association for 2005-2006, and is a very active member of the Georgia Optometric Association. 

Jonathan Woolfson, MD; Refractive Surgeon

James Hays, MD; Cataract, Cornea, Refractive

Doyle Stulting, MD, PhD; Cataract, Cornea, Refractive

Deb Stone, OD; Cataract, Cornea, Refractive

Steve Leff, MD; Retina

Dough Day, MD; Glaucoma

Joe Walrath, MD; Oculoplastics

Trip Cook, MD; Cataract, Cornea, Refractive

Brian Salmenson; Referral/Consultative Ophthalmology 

Tom Spetalnick, O.D.Clinical Director 
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