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Serving Others

A Commitment to Service

Fostering a personal commitment to service is another aspect of our mission, one that we encourage in our student interns, our graduates, and even our faculty and staff members. This commitment to serving others is a natural extension of our emphasis on doing everything we can to safeguard the eye and vision health of our patients.

SCO is committed to serving our community through programs that provide patients with quality eye and vision health care, educate optometrists, and inspire others. Last year, the value of our efforts totaled over $1 million as our team of eye doctors, staff and student interns worked together to support service initiatives to help those in need.

Through The Eye Center at SCO, our Community Outreach Program takes our mission into schools, communities, health fairs and partnerships with other organizations. From nursing homes to vision screenings, we take pride in our community.

Our service to humanity extends elsewhere. From volunteering through the Special Olympics in Nashville to providing Remote Area Medical (RAM) care in rural Appalachia, our students, staff and faculty are committed to the idea that service to others is an integral part of our mission.

Student organizations such as SVOSH and FCO also take patient care abroad, including mission trips to Central and South America through partnerships with the Lions Club and other organizations.