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Interprofessional Collaboration Advances Diabetic Health Management

SCO is partnering with Christian Brothers University’s Physician Assistant Program, Union University’s School of Social Work, Good Shepherd Pharmacy, and the Church Health Nutrition Hub to offer an interprofessional diabetes clinic to provide healthcare to diabetes patients. 

Recently, the institutions held their first IPE Diabetes Clinic Experience and invited patients to Crosstown Concourse to experience healthcare in optometry, nutrition, and pharmacy. Throughout the day, patients were provided nutrition education, learned how to prepare healthy meals in the Church Health Nutrition Hub and were provided physical assessments and eye exams by CBU’s physician assistants and SCO students respectively. They were also provided patient counseling by Union University, medication review by Good Shepherd Pharmacy. 

“This clinic is important for both our patients and our students. Our patients will experience support and partnership in facing the challenges of living with diabetes,” said Melissa Zarn Urankar, OD, Director of Interprofessional Education. “Our students will experience that diabetes affects a person’s entire well-being and not just the area they are trained to evaluate.” 

The IPE Diabetes Clinic Experience will continue on a quarterly basis as we continue to help diabetes patients live a healthier lifestyle. The next event will be Tuesday, April 9, 2019.

Posted by Jennifer Sharp at 12:17 PM