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Scholarships and Financial Aid

SCO actively endeavors to provide students with the scholarships and financial aid strategies they need to succeed. The college offers institutional and donor-established scholarships as well as other awards presented to students throughout the four-year program. 

  • Institutional Scholarships are awarded to entering students based on various criteria, most often relating to exemplary achievements in undergraduate coursework and on the OAT.

  • Donor-established Scholarships are funded by alumni and supporters of the college, with consideration including leadership, service, interpersonal skills and place of residence.

  • Donor-established Awards are also funded by alumni and supporters of the college and are presented to students during their second, third, and fourth years of study based on a number of varying criteria recognizing outstanding achievement.

As you prepare to apply, make sure to learn more about scholarship opportunities at SCO.

Once accepted, SCO’s Financial Aid Office works with students to secure other funding sources, administer the Federal Work-Study Program, and assist with financial planning.

If you need additional details, prospective students are encouraged to contact [email protected] with specific questions about financing and budgeting for optometry school.