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Southern College of Optometry recognizes the importance of rewarding academic achievements and professional potential through scholarships for our most qualified students. Thanks to the generosity of SCO’s alumni, ophthalmic industry partners, and other donors, the college administers a number of institutional and donor-established scholarships and awards.

Institutional scholarships are established and funded by SCO’s investments and awarded to entering students based on various criteria. There is no formal application process for these scholarships. Eligibility requirements vary, but most require outstanding achievements in undergraduate coursework, OAT scores, leadership, service and place of residence also are considered.

Donor-established scholarships and endowed awards are also funded by the college’s investments. Unlike institutional scholarships for entering students, donor-established scholarships are awarded throughout the program up through graduation with no formal application process. Like institutional scholarships, eligibility requirements vary, but most are rewarded for outstanding achievements, leadership, service, and other criteria.

A number of other funding sources are available to our students, as found throughout this section of our website, including emergency loans, Federal Stafford Unsubsidized loans, private loans, and a number of other programs. The Financial Aid Office or Student Services team can provide more details about SCO’s variety of award programs.