What's Next?

Southern College of Optometry is proud to announce a significant increase in scholarship awards to entering students! Thanks to the support of our Board of Trustees, alumni, and other donors, the college can award between 55-60 endowed scholarships starting with the 2019 entering class. So, almost half of each entering class will receive a scholarship!

These scholarships collectively represent a value of $450,000-$500,000 a year, or between $1.8 and $2 million over your four years – one of the largest scholarship allocations of any optometry school!  The vast majority of the 55-60 scholarships are at least $5,000/year with the highest awards offered at $20,000/year. With this commitment to scholarship, coupled with SCO’s already competitive tuition and Memphis’s attractive cost of living, this greatly empowers SCO students to graduate with modest debt while attaining a top-tier optometric education.

SCO is dedicated to helping keep optometric education affordable by rewarding top prospects with the scholarships they deserve. Most SCO scholarships are based on academic achievement (GPA and OAT scores), service leadership, and a demonstrated commitment to optometry.

Three important facts about SCO scholarships:

  • Your application for admission instantly qualifies you for scholarship consideration – there is no need for an additional application. Scholarship decisions are also made quickly so you don’t have to wait long to learn your status.
  • Because our regional students enjoy a very competitive tuition rate through contract seat states, priority is given to students from non-regional states for scholarship consideration. So, if you’re a qualified prospective student from Florida, Texas, Ohio or Utah, for instance, you will be given serious consideration for scholarship awards.
  • SCO’s admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis, so early application is especially beneficial in order to be considered for scholarships. 

Matching highly qualified prospective students with scholarships is SCO’s top priority for the 2019 entering class. Students with top GPA/OAT scores will receive priority consideration.

Please contact Joe Hauser, Vice President for Student Services, at [email protected]  or call him directly at 901.722.3242 to discuss the significant scholarship opportunities that await you or to review your own possible scholarship qualifications.