What's Next?

Janna Iyer
Vision Therapy and Rehab Resident 2011-2012

Q: Janna why did you decide to pursue the Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation residency at SCO?
I have always been interested in vision therapy and wanted to gain more clinical confidence and experience in this area. I had a fairly strong background in pediatrics after my externships, but was rather apprehensive about working with patients who have suffered an ABI. This residency provided an opportunity to gain more experience in that area, as well as low vision.

Q: What were some of the opportunities or strengths presented by the Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation program?
The strength of the program is in its diversity and flexibility. In particular, the opportunity to go to the VA for low vision and working with inpatients at Baptist Rehab. The supervisors of this program are outstanding and very knowledgeable about current research and the latest techniques for their fields.

Q: What sort of support structure did you find from the faculty and staff?
I feel like faculty and staff were very supportive at all sites where I worked. Overall, everyone is very supportive and encouraging.

Q: What advice would you give a fourth-year optometry student debating whether or not to choose to do a residency?
A residency gives you an additional year of "specialized" patient care. So, if there's a particular area of optometry that you are interested in, I highly suggest doing a residency. I feel far more confident now in the areas on VT/Rehabilitation then I did one year ago. If you want to do basic primary care, a residency may not be the best choice (unless you're going to a private practice where you'll learn more of the business side), but if you want to be an "expert" in a certain area, do a residency!

Q: Now that you've completed the program, what was the best thing about your residency?
Learning more about the areas I'm really interested in! Especially ABI patients, since I feel this is a growing field.