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Quality Assurance Protocol

I. Secondary Care

The resident will begin their residency in secondary patient care. In this stage of patient care the resident will accompany one of the physicians into the exam room. After the physician has examined the patient, the resident will also perform a brief examination of the patient using the slitlamp and/or binocular indirect ophthalmoscope. The resident will participate in the examination, assessment, and plan of the patient’s care but the attending physician will be making the assessment and management plan for the patient.

II. Primary Care

As the resident’s clinical examination skills improve and he/she demonstrates increased compentency in the determining the appropriate patient assessment and plan, the attending physician will permit the resident to advance to primary patient care. In this stage of patient care the resident will be the initial physician meeting, examining, and assessing the patient’s condition as well as determining a treatment/management plan. After the resident has completed their plan, the attending physician will audit the patient’s chart, re-examine the patient, and assure the resident’s management of the patient is providing excellent quality of care. Every patient’s chart that the resident completes will be audited and the attending physician will review each patient’s case alongside the resident including any recommended changes to the residents examination, assessment, or plan of patient management.