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Prospective Students

Like any endeavor worth pursuing in life, it takes careful preparation to become an optometrist.

Prospective optometry students are encouraged to explore the admissions process by reviewing each of the steps outlined on this site, including the admissions overview, how to become a competitive applicant, deadlines for submitting an application, the Optometry Admissions Test (OAT) and other pertinent information you will need.
Prospective students are also encouraged to learn all they can about optometry in advance of applying to attend Southern College of Optometry. Talking or visiting with your local optometrist is a good idea; some optometrists may allow you to job shadow them to learn more about optometry. Your level of exposure and interest in optometry will be important in the admissions process. Above all, the Student Services staff at SCO can assist you with questions you have as you prepare to start your first step on the road to becoming an optometrist.

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Understanding Admissions

If you are looking for additional information on how SCO reviews your academic information, how to better understand the SCO application process, required prerequisite courses, or how to become a more competitive applicant, the website offers all the necessary resources you need.

SCO wants to provide you quality information that guides you through the application process and makes you a more attractive candidate. To learn more, visit the Admissions page.

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Enjoying Student Life

By maximizing the opportunities that Memphis offers to our students, SCO truly believes that it provides one of the best student life experiences in the country.

From activities and events organized by SCO to attractions and restaurants throughout the Memphis area, students can always find their niche in the Memphis community.

The Student Life page provides blogs from students, videos about student life, things to do in Memphis and more.

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Receiving Financial Aid

The SCO Financial Aid Office strives to create opportunities that allow students to receive the necessary funds without accruing a large amount of debt following graduation.

In order to ensure that each student receives the proper education and information regarding financial aid, SCO provides resources specific to applications, deadlines, FAQs, international student and more.

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Learning the Quick Facts

Before applying to SCO, you deserve to know the quick facts about SCO’s tuition, its National Board passage rates, its entering class statistics and more.

SCO takes satisfaction knowing that its students perform well above the national average in National Board passage rates. Despite the impressive results and data, SCO continually strives to create a curriculum that not only prepares its students for the National Board but also for their professional careers.

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