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Program Information

Program Mission Statement:

The mission of this private practice residency is to prepare optometrists to provide full-scope primary care in a well known optometric practice that specializes in pediatric, vision therapy and vision rehabilitation care, by providing post-graduate clinical experience beyond that provided in the Doctor of Optometry program, in a setting that promotes excellence in patient care, education and research. The resident will experience a unique opportunity to develop proficiency in developmental vision, binocular vision, and rehabilitative vision therapy. The post graduate clinician will acquire the patient education and practice management skills needed to manage a very successful private optometric practice.

Program Description:

The residency is designed to enhance the resident's examination and treatment skills in optometric primary care with an emphasis on developmental & functional vision disorders; strengthen the resident's expertise in the diagnosis and management of refractive, developmental, functional, behavioral, neurological, physiological and pathological conditions of the eye, adnexa, visual pathways and central nervous system; expand the resident's knowledge of specialized diagnostic instrumentation; increase the resident's knowledge of the diagnosis, management and treatment of functional visual system disturbances and disease processes, coordinate care with in-house occupational therapists and other professionals, and develop the resident's skills in presenting to fellow professionals, assistants, parents, teachers, and patients.