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Prerequisite Courses

Prerequisite Courses for SCO


Credit Equivalent

English Composition or Literature

One Year1

General Psychology

One Course

Social Science2

One Year


One Course


One Course

General Biology/Zoology with Labs3

One Year1

Microbiology with Lab4, 6

One Course

General Physics with Labs

One Year1

General Chemistry with Labs

One Year1

Organic Chemistry with Lab

One Course

Biochemistry5, 6 

One Course



  1. One year is equal to two semesters or three quarters. 

  2. The Social Science requirement may be satisfied by completing courses in any of the following areas: Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, History, Economics, Ethics, Anthropology, Geography, Religion or Philosophy.

  3. Any human biology course with lab is acceptable, but General Biology I and II are prevalent on OAT.

  4. Bacteriology with lab is the only course that can be used as a substitute for Microbiology.

  5. Molecular Biology is the only course that can be used as a substitute for Biochemistry.

  6. Must be at least sophomore level.


Recommended Pre-Optometry Course Sequence