What's Next?

We recommend that you prepare for the Optometry Admission Test (OAT)—it is not a simple test. You can use an OAT study guide to familiarize yourself with the subject areas covered by the examination, as well as the format of the various sections of the test.  

The Kaplan Review offers an OAT preparation program. Also, practice tests are available on the OAT Test Preparation webpage.

There are many review guides available for the OAT. Most bookstores will be happy to order a guide if they do not have one in stock. They may also be ordered at online bookstores.  

You may also want to review your notes and other materials from the General Chemistry, Physics and Biology courses you have completed. The test covers the basic principles you may not have seen for a few years.  

Keep in mind that the OAT is a timed test. Various sections are long and difficult to complete during the limited time available. Each question is worth the same amount; so finish the questions you know first, then return to the more difficult material.