What's Next?



GSLS in Las Vegas

  • Jessica Lam, Dan Fuller and Mary Hoang:  Epithelial Bullous Edema in a Scleral Lens Wearer with Marfan Syndrome.
  • Jessica Lam and Dan Fuller: Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency Post Systemic Chemotherapy. 

ARVO in Honolulu

  • Al Kabat  In vitro demodicidal activity of commercial lid hygiene products.
  • Chris Lievens, Christina Newman, Al Kabat and Jake Weber (20’)  Comparison of the Vmax Voice Active Subjective Refractor (VASR) and traditional refraction in a healthy population.
  • Christina Newman, Chris Lievens, Al Kabat and Jake Weber (20’). Repeatability of the Vmax Voice Activ Subjective Refractor (VASR) and traditional refractive methods in a healthy population.
  • Cori Jones (20’) and Kristina Haworth: Serotonin and stress in contact lens-related dry eye.
  • Chris Lievens was one of 10 authors on an Alcon supported study: Ex-vivo analysis of lipid deposition with silicon hydrogel contact lenses and EOBO-based lens care solutions.

AOA in Denver

  • Whitney Hauser: Long Term IOP Control with One, Two, or Three Micro-bypass Stents for the Treatment of Open Angel Glaucoma
  • Hobbs, BN (Arizona), Greg Wolfe, Jeromica Ward and Noelle Schmitter-Schrier: Factors Impacting Antibiotic Stewardship: A Comparison Policy Analysis of Schools and Daycares in Arizona and Tennessee. 
  • Reena Lepine and Mark Medley II (SCO Alum):  Ocular Albinism versus Albinoidism: An Atypical Presentation of Foveal Hypoplasia and RPE Hypopigmentation
  • Julie Lafreniere, OD (resident): Microvascular Third Nerve Palsy with Pupil Involvement
  • Jennyffer Smith, OD (resident); Sylvia E. Sparrow, OD (coauthor): A Classic Case of Multiple Evanescent White Dot Syndrome
  • Sylvia E. Sparrow, OD: The Ophthalmic Manifestations of Paranasal Sinus Mucoceles
  • Patricia Cisarik and Lindsey Brise (19’): Evaluation of Anisocoria in Subjects with Dar Irides using a Custom-bult Infrared Screening Device.




AAOptom meeting in Chicago

  • Mike Christensen and Whitney Hauser: A Pilot Evaluation of a Radio Frequency Thermistor for use in Dry Eye Treatment.
  • Kamil Hill (2019), Mike Christensen and Chris Borgman: Two Forms of Tonometry Measurements over 3 Types of Soft Bandage Contact Lenses in Healthy Subjects.
  • Patricia Cisarik and Lindsay Elkins:  Comparison of Grit Survey, OAT, undergraduate GPA and VSP test scores in First year optometry students
  • Patricia Cisarik, Jessica Ward and Nicholas Sachse:  Effect of rate of stimulus temporal sweep change on measured CFF in young, healthy adults
  • Dan Fuller and Patricia Cisarik:  Comparison of Agreement and Reproducibility between non-contact exophthalmometry and contact devices using Novice Optometry Students
  • Jennifer Nguyen, Lindsey Brise, Kamil Hill, Jennifer Stewart and Patricia Cisarik:  Vertical Saccades in a Normal Adult Population:  Subjective Assessment with Digit Naming – a pilot study.
  • Christianne Blair (2019) and Kristina Haworth: Effect of UV-absorbing contact lenses on conjunctival ultraviolet autofluorescence.
  • Lisa Wade: Prevalence of the Behavioral Characteristic of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance in an Optometric Student Cohort vs the US Population.
  • Cheryl Ervin: Methods for Making Yourself a Competitive Residency Applicant.
  • Mary Hoang, Meagan Miles and William Edmondson: Fitting Daily Multifocal Contact Lenses for Near Point Problems in Non-Presbyopes.

American Public Health Association

  • Glen Steele: Ten Year Outcome of an Infant Assessment Program.

AOA in Washington DC

  • Paul Harris, Zachary German (19’) and Laura Roberts (18’): Validation of the Effect of Glare on Contrast Sensitivity Under Mesopic and Photopic Conditions.
  • Amanda Tompkins: A Mountain or a Molehill, Determining the Proper Management of Vitreomacular Traction.
  • Reena Lepine and Joanne Smith: An Atypical Presentation of Diabetic Retinopathy.
  • Patricia Cisarik and Bradley Schuster: Method Comparison for Blood Pressure Measurement: an Oscillometric Wrist versus LED Sphygmomanometer.
  • Patricia Cisarik and Lauren Bruehl: Brachial to Radial Systolic Blood Pressure Amplification in Young, Healthy Adults.

​​​​​​​ARVO in Denver

  • Patricia Cisarik presented a poster at ARVO entitled Sensory ocular dominance and area of the optic nerve head as measured by optical coherence tomography-a pilot study.