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Heart of America (Kansas City, MO) 2023


  • Squier K, Kao J (‘23) Ancillary Health Professionals’ Understanding of Services for the Visually Impaired.





American Academy of Optometry (San Diego, 2022)


  • Koonce D (‘23), Borgman C, Christensen M.  Comparing Central Corneal Thickness Measurements taken with the RTVue OCT and Cirrus

  • Mastrorocco S, Fuller DG. Awareness of Contact Lens Sustainability Program

  • Hoang, M, Lepine R, Nguyen,D.  Assessing Second Year Optometry Students’ Perceptions Before and After Performing Intralesional and Subconjunctival Injections in a Laboratory Setting.

  • Nguyen,D, Hoang, M. CNV Development in a Pregnant Patient with Punctate Inner Choroidopathy

  • Lepine R, Speth, E, Hoang, M. Relationship Between Optometry Students’ Lab Performance and Their Assigned Lab Practice Time Perceptions

  • Elkins L, Lebowitz C, Cottrill H, Cisarik P.  Gender Identity in Self-Assessment of Anxiety, Preparedness and Actual Performance on the Applied Basic Science exam.

  • Cisarik P, Elkins L, Cottrill H, Lebowitz C.  Does Gender Affect Optometry Student Self-Assessment and Actual Performance on a High-Stakes Licensing Exam?

  • Cottrill H  Elkins L, Lebowitz C, Cisarik P.  Relationships between self-assessed scores of Anxiety and preparedness an the outcome of the part I applied basic science exam.

  • Mengelt C, Elkins L., Cisarik P.   Comparison of GRIT scores for Optometric Residents and First Year Optometry Students

  • Niederbrach L (’24), Haworth K. Contact Lens Associated Dry Eye and Therapeutic Dehydrated Amniotic Membranes

  • Vaughn A, Kelley L, Wang Y. Visual Recovery after Artificial Tear Instillation in Soft Contact Lens Wearers

  • Cisarik P.  Diagnostic specificity of RNFL vs ONH parameters by OCT in young, healthy eyes

  • Kampworth Jon-Erik (‘23) Cisarik P.  Effect of Pupil Size and Stimulus Size on Cone Contrast Sensitivity

  • Groves Z (‘24). Cisarik P.:  Full Spectrum Light Exposure: Effect on Critical Flicker Fusion Frequency

  • Kerr A, Cisarik P:  Impact of the COVID-19 Lockdown on Vision:  A Retrospective Study in School-Aged Children

  • Mengelt C, Cisarik P.  Predicting Residents?

  • Kelley L, Hogan C.  Successful Treatment of Neurotrophic Keratitis Using Cenegermin-bkbj 0.0002% (Oxervate)

  • Cole AD,  Hogan C.  Neurotrophic Keratitis with Associated Filamentary Keratitis further exacerbated by corneal injury from Nail Glue:  A Potentially Vision-Threatening Outcome.

  • Kelly L, Hogan C.   Successful Treatment of Neurotrophic Keratitis using Cenegermin-bkbj 0.002% (Oxervate) 


Heart of America Eye Care Congress (HOAECC) 2022

  • Sparrow S, Dix J (‘22).  Bilateral Band keratopathy in an Asymptomatic Patient.

  • Sparrow S, Rahhal J. (‘23) Filamentary Keratitis: A Review

  • Rayborn E. Conjunctivitis Medicamentosa

  • Jones J.  Retinal arterial Plaque: A Case Report and Comparison of Retinal Emboli.




American Public Health Association Oct 2021


  • Wolfe G, Grover L. Impact of A Discussion Series on Race on Optometry Student Perceptions on Bias in Health Care. Abstract #507403 Session #PS1092.0. American Public Health Association, Oct 2021.

  • Wolfe G, Grover L. Novel Use of Debate to Deepen Understanding of Complex Issues in the US Healthcare System Affecting Optometry. Abstract #507513 Session #PS1092.0. American Public Health Association, Oct 2021.


American Academy of Optometry (AAO) meeting in Boston, MA 2021

  • Cisarik PM. Elkins L:  How OAT scores and first term performance relate to test scores in the 2nd term for first year optometry students.

  • Elkins L, Cisarik PM:  Are OAT scores for Reading Comprehension and Academic Average related to self-regulated test duration in first year optometry students?

  • Heskett L, Cisarik PM:  The effect of reverse contrast polarity versus normal contrast polarity on accommodative microfluctuations.

  • Wirt A, Cisarik PM, Harris PA.  Relationship between reading comprehension score and reading eye movement parameters as measured by the Readalyzer in graduate level students

  • Douglass A, Klick A, Hobson A, Cisarik PM.  Effect of ice water stimulation on pharmacologically-induced Horner’s anisocoria.

  • Razmandi A, Cisarik PM, Segu P.  Bilateral Sub-Retina Fluid from Cancer Therapy

  • Fry M (’23), Wang Y, Kelley L.  Comparison of S5 MiniTM Scleral Lens Insertion Device to Traditional DMV®Vented Scleral Cup TM. 

  • Logan A, Pucker AD, Franklin Q, McGwin G, Hogan C, Kelley L, Christensen M, Brafford R, Lievens C.  Understanding Ocular Comfort Differences Between Pataday once Daily Relief Extra Strength and Alaway.

  • Lievens C, Pucker AD, McGwin G, Logan A, Franklin Q, Brafford R, Hogan C, Kelly LR, Christensen M.  Understanding Comfort Difference Between Pataday Once Daily Relief Extra Strength & Visine® Allergy Eye Relief Multi-Action Drops.

  • Livens C, et al.  AGN=190584 Improves Intermediate Vision in Pooled Phase 3 GEMINI 1 and 2

  • Squier K, Williams A (’21), Krug C (’21).  Does Grit Score Correlate to Persistence of Low Vision Device Use? A Pilot Study.  The poster won an award from Ocutec for young researchers.

  • Melissa Zarn, Janette Pepper, Lauren Watson (’21): Using Interprofessional Education to Introduce Inclusivity Training in Pre-Clinical Students.

  • Morgan. Ollinger: The Effect of Caffeine on Eye Tracking and Reading Comprehension

  • Aaron Kerr: A Telehealth Visual Acuity Test Application vs Snellen Visual Acuity: A Comparison Study.

  • Reena Lepine, Esla Speth, Rachel Grant: Optometry Students’ Perception Towards Assigned Lab Practice Time.

  • Fuller DG, Rasheed C, Gollamudi S. “Changes in Pachymetry in Thin Keratoconic Corneas Exposed to Hypotonic Riboflavin during Corneal Cross-Linking”. AAO Boston, MA (Poster #129)

  • Rasheed C, Fuller DG. “The Influence of Contact Lens Power and Polymer on Rebound Tonometry Values”. AAO Boson, MA (Poster #53)

  • Chao HA and Haworth KM. Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Omega-3 consumption in contact lens associated dry eye disease. American Academy of Optometry annual meeting, Boston, MA. November 2021. Paper.




Heart of America February 2020

  • Sparrow, B, Sayonh M. (’21).  Ocular Toxicity Presumed Secondary to Psychotropic Medication Usage Heart of America Eye Care Congress, Kansas City, MO 

ARVO May 2020

  • Gafford, G., Cisarik, P.  Pupil Responses to Dim Stimuli:  Does the 1st Measurement have to be Tossed? Presented Virtually ARVO 2020.

  • Hoopes, J. (’19). Cisarik, P.  Blue Cone Contrast Sensitivity and Target Size Relationship to Macular Pigment Optical Density. Presented virtually ARVO 2020

American Optometric Association June 2020

  • Are Vision-Related Apps a Barrier to Quality Care in the U.S.?  A Systematic Review Reveals Limitations.  Virtual presentation.

  • McDaniel-Chandler, D. L.  A case of the phlyctenule blues. Virtual presentation.


AAO Orlando October 2019

  • Cisarik P.M, Squier K, Heard C,  Estes-Walker P, Wolfe G, Speth E. Survey of nutritional status of ambulatory elderly patients in a large primary vision care facility. 
  • Cisarik P.M, Smalley D.L. Gauging Field Trip Learning in Third Year Optometry Students. 
  • Haworth K, Cisarik P.M. A Digital Training Module for Systematic Optic Disc Evaluation
  • Porter M. Haworth K. The effect of UV-absorbing contact lenses on conjunctival ultraviolet autofluorescence after short-term simulated daylight exposure.
  • Boehme J, Brown L, Cisarik P.M. Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Accommodation. 
  • Stakeley C, Ramos G, Cisarik P.M.  CFF and History of Concussion:  Effect of Stimulus Sweep Direction
  • Ramos G, Cisarik P.M.  Comparison of Visual Light Sensitivity Survey and Macular Pigment Optical Density in Young, Healthy Adults
  • Speth E, Grant R, Cisarik P.M, McGriff W. Exploring MPOD in a population with substance use disorder.  
  • Squier K. Patient Understanding of Low Vision Services in a Memphis Low Vision Clinic
  • Squier K. LeMay, J. Does Visual function affect Scores of FES-1 Scales? A pilot Study
  • Lievens C.  McGwin G.  Franklin Q. Nattis A. Pucker A. Investigation of Systane Complete to Relieve Contact Lens Related Dry Eye and Discomfort.
  • Shalhoub J. Ragha S. Watson L. Zarn M. Student Interprofessional Networking (SIP’n): Foundations of Student-Driven Interprofessional Education.
  • Lepine R. Hong M. Dominant DISC Behavioral Type as a Potential Indicator of Learning Style.
  • Chandler D. Tumefactive Demyelination: An Ocular Presentation of a Multiple Sclerosis Variant.
  • Hong M.  Nguyen D. Lacrimal Gland Prolapse Secondary to Craniofacial Abnormalities in a Pediatric Patient.
  • Ollinger M. Nibert N. A comparison on Near Visual Acuity Optotype Validity within a Pediatric Population.
  • Sanderson J. Normative Data of Outer Nuclear Layer Thickness as Measured by Heidelberg Spectralis OCT.

GSLS meeting Las Vegas

  • Dan Fuller, Kacey Cilimberg (past resident) and Christina Newman presented a poster at the GSLS (Global Specialty Lens Symposium) entitled: Crossover Comparison of Two Novel Comfilcon A Lens Designs.
  • Yueren Wang (current resident) and Dan Fuller presented a poster at the GSLS meeting entitled:  Management of Secondary Complications in Post-Radial Keratectomy Patient.
  • Pucker AD, Jones-Jordan LA, Kunnen CM, Marx S, Powell DR, Srinivasan S, Sickenberger W, Jones LW on a poster at the GSLS meeting entitled:  Impact of meibomian gland width on successful contact lens use.  
  • Julie Ervin (19’) with guidance from Dan Fuller was one of three students who won an ABB Optical Group Optometry student challenge with the poster entitled: Treatment of Keratoconjuctivitis Sicca Secondary to Sicca Syndrome with Scleral Lenses.  This was presented at the Global Specialty Lens Symposium in Las Vegas.


SECO New Orleans, LA

  • Alexis Williams-Smith, Whitney Hauser and Mike Christensen: The Impact of Ocular Surface Disease Signs and Symptoms on Optical Remakes.
  • Jennifer Jones and Alicia Groce: Traumatic Optic Neuropathy Secondary to Motorcycle Accident.


Heart of America Eye Care Congress meeting in Kansas City, MO

  • Beth Sparrow: Sequential Idiopathic Orbital Inflammation: A Case Report.
  • Jennifer Jones: Idiopatic Intracranial Hypertension from Onset to Resolution in a 17 year-old Female.
  • Andrea Yee (resident) and Sylvia Sparrow presented: Retinitis Pigmentosa: When a Classic Triad is not so Classic After All.


COVD Meeting in Kansas City

  • Patricia Cisarik, Kennedy Simmons, and Jennifer Rider: Effect of Monocular Blur on Basketball Free Throw Performance.
  • Morgan Ollinger, Jessica Lam, Sare Schwaartz and Cori Jones: Changes in Near Visual Function from Orthokeratology
  • Emily Aslakson and Morgan Ollinger: All left, not Alright: Improved Visual Function from Vision rehabilitation in a patient with right hemianopsia. 


ARVO meeting in Vancouver British Columbia

  • Paul Harris, Torrie Garner (20’), Mehrdad Sangi, Peng Gao, Jason Turuwhenua and Ben Thompson presented a Poster at ARVO entitled: Visual Acuity Assessment in Adults using Optokinetic Nystagmus.
  • Malinda Fitzgerald, Muneeswar Nittala, Adity Verma and Srinivas Sadda. Subretinal Hyperreflective Material within Regions of Atrophy in Treated Eyes with Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration.
  • Jamila Ahmad, Gabriela Ioshimoto, Andre Liber, Malinda Fitzgerald and Dora Ventura. Scotopic ERG Protocols for Rabbits.
  • Chris Lievens: Intensity of Lid Wiper Epitheliopathy Staining with Alterations of Dye Amounts and Timing of Observation


BCLS (British Contact Lens Association) England

  • Chris Lievens:  Low Levels of Ex Vivo total Cholesterol Extraction and the Maintenance of Pre-Lens Tear film Stability and Comfort with EOBO regimens throughout 30 days of Lens wear.


Vision Sciences Society in St. Pete’s Beach, FL

  • Patricia Cisarik and Johnathan Hoopes: Effect of Magenta Filter on Cone Contrast Sensitivity.



AAO Meeting in San Antonio.

  • Yuren (Lily) Wang and Dan Fuller: Neurotrophic Keratitis and Persistent Epithelial Defect with Scleral Lenses.
  • Jessica Lam and Dan Fuller presented: Safety and Efficacy of Scleral Contact Lenses in Post-Surgical patients.
  • Andrea Wester, Michael Christensen and Christopher Borgman: Tonometry Measurements over Soft Contact Lenses in Healthy Subjects.
  • Patricia Cisarik, Karen Squier, Cynthia Heard, Halie Cottrill, Patricia Estes-Walker, Greg Wolfe and Esla Speth: Risk Factors for Malnutrition in the Elderly: What do Students Know?
  • Kamil Hill,. Patricia Cisarik and Paul Harris: Exploring the Effect of a Notch Filter on Color Contrast Sensitivity in Color Normal and Color Deficient Young Healthy Adults – a pilot study
  • Patricia Cisarik: Comparison of Grit Survey Scores and Course Test scores in Two Classes of First Year Optometry Students.
  • Patricia Cisarik: Comparison of MPOD by heterochromic flicker photometry and SWAP global indices in young healthy adults.
  • Patricia Cisarik: Visual Symptoms in Individuals with History of Traumatic Brain Injury along with 9 faculty from other optometry institutions.
  • Karen Squier: Reducing Student Anxiety Performing Low Vision Specific Tasks by Incorporating Low Vison Patients in a Non-Clinical Setting.
  • Kristina Haworth and Christinna Belair: Comparison of nasal and temporal conjunctival ultraviolet Autofluorescence in contact lens wearers. 
  • Morgan Ollinger, Jessica Lam, Sar Schwartz and Cori Jones (20’): Peripheral Visual Fields in Orthokeratology Patients.
  • Shaleen Ragha: Papilledema Confounded by Chiari Malformation.
  • Chris Lievens: Minimal cholesterol extraction and maintenance of pre-lens tear film stability associated with EOBO-containing lens and lens care regimen.
  • Chris Lievens: Repeatability of the Zeiss iProfiler® plus Autorefractor in a Healthy Population.
  • Whitney Hauser: Long Term IOP Control 1, 2, 3 Trabecular Micro Bypass Stents for the Treatment of Open Angle Glaucoma.
  • Dan Powell, JS Wolffsohn, ER Ritchey and CM Kunnen.  Assessment of alternative staining methods for lid wiper epitheliopahty.
  • Dan Powell, LA Jones-Jordan, S Srinivasan, JT Kwan, S Marx, W. Sickenberger, LW Jones, and AD Pucker.  Impact of soft contact lens factors and compliance on contact lens dropout.
  • Ritchey ER, Dan Powell, Kunnen CM, Wolffsohn JS. Variation in lid wiper epitheliopathy (LWE) height and width scores during the course of a day in contact lens and non-contact lens wearers. 
  • Pucker AD, Jones-Jordan LA, Srinivasan S, Dan Powell, Kwan JT, Marx S, Sickenberger W, Jones LW (CLASS Study Group). Association between meibomian gland health and soft contact lens dropout.
  • Marx S, Kwan JT, Jones-Jordan LA, Dan Powell, Srinivasan S, Sickenberger W, Jones LW, Pucker AD (CLASS Study Group). Degree of meibomian gland tortuosity in successful soft contact lens wearers and dropouts

GSLS in Las Vegas

  • Jessica Lam, Dan Fuller and Mary Hoang:  Epithelial Bullous Edema in a Scleral Lens Wearer with Marfan Syndrome.
  • Jessica Lam and Dan Fuller: Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency Post Systemic Chemotherapy. 

ARVO in Honolulu

  • Al Kabat  In vitro demodicidal activity of commercial lid hygiene products.
  • Chris Lievens, Christina Newman, Al Kabat and Jake Weber (20’)  Comparison of the Vmax Voice Active Subjective Refractor (VASR) and traditional refraction in a healthy population.
  • Christina Newman, Chris Lievens, Al Kabat and Jake Weber (20’). Repeatability of the Vmax Voice Activ Subjective Refractor (VASR) and traditional refractive methods in a healthy population.
  • Cori Jones (20’) and Kristina Haworth: Serotonin and stress in contact lens-related dry eye.
  • Chris Lievens was one of 10 authors on an Alcon supported study: Ex-vivo analysis of lipid deposition with silicon hydrogel contact lenses and EOBO-based lens care solutions.

AOA in Denver

  • Whitney Hauser: Long Term IOP Control with One, Two, or Three Micro-bypass Stents for the Treatment of Open Angel Glaucoma
  • Hobbs, BN (Arizona), Greg Wolfe, Jeromica Ward and Noelle Schmitter-Schrier: Factors Impacting Antibiotic Stewardship: A Comparison Policy Analysis of Schools and Daycares in Arizona and Tennessee. 
  • Reena Lepine and Mark Medley II (SCO Alum):  Ocular Albinism versus Albinoidism: An Atypical Presentation of Foveal Hypoplasia and RPE Hypopigmentation
  • Julie Lafreniere, OD (resident): Microvascular Third Nerve Palsy with Pupil Involvement
  • Jennyffer Smith, OD (resident); Sylvia E. Sparrow, OD (coauthor): A Classic Case of Multiple Evanescent White Dot Syndrome
  • Sylvia E. Sparrow, OD: The Ophthalmic Manifestations of Paranasal Sinus Mucoceles
  • Patricia Cisarik and Lindsey Brise (19’): Evaluation of Anisocoria in Subjects with Dar Irides using a Custom-bult Infrared Screening Device.




AAOptom meeting in Chicago

  • Mike Christensen and Whitney Hauser: A Pilot Evaluation of a Radio Frequency Thermistor for use in Dry Eye Treatment.
  • Kamil Hill (2019), Mike Christensen and Chris Borgman: Two Forms of Tonometry Measurements over 3 Types of Soft Bandage Contact Lenses in Healthy Subjects.
  • Patricia Cisarik and Lindsay Elkins:  Comparison of Grit Survey, OAT, undergraduate GPA and VSP test scores in First year optometry students
  • Patricia Cisarik, Jessica Ward and Nicholas Sachse:  Effect of rate of stimulus temporal sweep change on measured CFF in young, healthy adults
  • Dan Fuller and Patricia Cisarik:  Comparison of Agreement and Reproducibility between non-contact exophthalmometry and contact devices using Novice Optometry Students
  • Jennifer Nguyen, Lindsey Brise, Kamil Hill, Jennifer Stewart and Patricia Cisarik:  Vertical Saccades in a Normal Adult Population:  Subjective Assessment with Digit Naming – a pilot study.
  • Christianne Blair (2019) and Kristina Haworth: Effect of UV-absorbing contact lenses on conjunctival ultraviolet autofluorescence.
  • Lisa Wade: Prevalence of the Behavioral Characteristic of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance in an Optometric Student Cohort vs the US Population.
  • Cheryl Ervin: Methods for Making Yourself a Competitive Residency Applicant.
  • Mary Hoang, Meagan Miles and William Edmondson: Fitting Daily Multifocal Contact Lenses for Near Point Problems in Non-Presbyopes.

American Public Health Association

  • Glen Steele: Ten Year Outcome of an Infant Assessment Program.

AOA in Washington DC

  • Paul Harris, Zachary German (19’) and Laura Roberts (18’): Validation of the Effect of Glare on Contrast Sensitivity Under Mesopic and Photopic Conditions.
  • Amanda Tompkins: A Mountain or a Molehill, Determining the Proper Management of Vitreomacular Traction.
  • Reena Lepine and Joanne Smith: An Atypical Presentation of Diabetic Retinopathy.
  • Patricia Cisarik and Bradley Schuster: Method Comparison for Blood Pressure Measurement: an Oscillometric Wrist versus LED Sphygmomanometer.
  • Patricia Cisarik and Lauren Bruehl: Brachial to Radial Systolic Blood Pressure Amplification in Young, Healthy Adults.

ARVO in Denver

  • Patricia Cisarik presented a poster at ARVO entitled Sensory ocular dominance and area of the optic nerve head as measured by optical coherence tomography-a pilot study.