What's Next?

Board of Trustees

Board Chair

Cristie Upshaw Travis, MS

Board Members

Amanda Brewer-Lord, OD ’97

Douglas C. Clark, OD

David Cockrell, OD ’81

Steven L. Compton, OD ’78

Brian L. Jones, MBA

Ryan H. Powell, OD ’02

James D. Sandefur, OD ’65

Carla D. Sanderson, PhD

Dave Sattler

A. L. Spivey, III, OD ’67

Stuart Thomas, OD ’84

Leticia W. Towns, FACHE

Terry L. Tucker, OD ’84

Christopher W. Wroten, OD ’02

Alumni Council Representative

Larry Otten, OD ’77

Faculty Representative

Aaron M. Kerr, OD ’98

Student Representative

Blair Flint, ’19

Strategic Planning Committee

Kristin K. Anderson, OD
VP for Institutional Advancement

J. Bart Campbell, OD ’87
VP for Academic Affairs

Mary Nethaway Chase, ’18
2016 - 17 SGA President - Student Rep

Lindsay M. Elkins, OD ’07
Director of Academic Programs

Ann Z. Fields
VP for Human Resources

Joseph H. Hauser, MBA
VP for Student Services

Jim R. Hollifield
Director of Communications

Aaron M. Kerr, OD ’98
Faculty Chair

Carrie E. Lebowitz, OD ’06
Director of Academic Support Services

Chris W. Lievens, OD, MS
Chief of Staff

Pamela E. Moss, MS
Director of Assessment

Dean M. Swick, MBA
Exec. Director of Information Services

James E. Venable, OD ’89
VP for Clinical Programs

Christine M. Weinreich, JD
Director of Grants & Community Engagement

David L. West, CPA
VP for Finance and Administration

Ryan H. Powell, OD ’02
Board Member

Carla D. Sanderson, PhD
Board Member


As of Published Date: 7/2017