What's Next?

Southern College of Optometry
Orientation Schedule

Thursday, August 23  

8:00 am Check-In & Continental Breakfast     2nd Floor Atrium
8:30 Welcome
Dr. Lewis Reich, President
8:45 SCO, Memphis & You
Mike Robertson, Director of Admissions  
9:15 Parking/Mail Services/Lockers/Security/Title IX   
Terrius Carter, Physical Plant & Don Henson, Director of Campus Safety
Janice Frazier-Scott, Human Resources, Title IX Coordinator
9:30 Student Counseling Services
Samantha Padawer, SCO Counselor
9:45 American Optometric Student Association (AOSA)
Caitlyn Stakely, AOSA Trustee-Elect
10:00 The History of SCO
Dr. William E. Cochran, President Emeritus
10:45 Break  
11:00 Getting to Know You – Room 818
Computers, Clickers, Moodle and More!
 – LRC (3rd Floor)  
ID Cards
& Equipment Pickup – Tower 1st Floor Lobby
Lab Introduction
- Rooms 144 & 146
Lunch – 4th Floor

Please follow the schedule for your lab group

    Group 1   Group 2   Group 3   Group 4   Group 5
  11:00-11:45   1st Floor   4th  Floor   LRC   Room 144   Room 818
  11:45-12:30   Room 818   1st Floor   Room 144   LRC   4th  Floor
  12:30-1:15   LRC   Room 818   1st Floor   4th  Floor   Room 144
  1:15-2:00   4th  Floor   Room 144   Room 818   1st Floor   LRC
  2:00-2:45   Room 144   LRC   4th  Floor   Room 818   1st Floor
2:45 Debt Management and The Hayes Center
Cindy Garner, Director of Financial Aid
Dr. Lisa Wade, The Hayes Center
3:20 Academic Support
Dr. Carrie Lebowitz, Director of Academic Support Services
4:30 Ice Cream Social
Sponsored by NOSA – National Optometric Student Association
4th Floor

Friday, August 24

(Wear a shirt from your alma mater…& bring your laptop today!)                 

8:00 am Check-In and Continental Breakfast
Opening Bank Accounts
First Tennessee Bank
8:45 Introduction to Optometry
Dr. Jim Venable, Vice President for Clinical Programs
10:00 Health Insurance Options  
10:20 Break  
10:30 Note Taking Service
Kaitlin Philipsen, Class of 2020
10:45 PIPS!  Professionalism in Professional School!
Joseph H. Hauser, Vice President for Student Services
11:15 Class Photo     Atrium
11:30 Lunch
Sponsored by Alcon Partners    
East/West Classroom
12:00 Service Learning at SCO
Dr. Wil McGriff

Choose 901
John Carroll
1:00 Introduction to First-Year Faculty, Moodle, and Tegrity
Pam Moss, Director, Department of Assessment
Dr. Bart Campbell, Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. Lindsay Elkins, Director of Academic Programs
Melissa Powers, Information Services
Leslie Holland, Library Manager
2:15 The Eye Center
Dr. Jim Venable, Vice President for Clinical Programs
2:30 White Coat Instructions
Dr. Kristin Anderson, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
3:15 Scholarship Photos  Atrium
4:00 White Coat Lineup 144 & 146
4:30 White Coat Ceremony  


August 28

6:30 pm Meet Your Advisor Dinner
Dr. Carrie Lebowitz
East/West Classroom


September 6

6:00 pm Class Meeting
Marie Huegel, President, Class of 2021

Introduction to SGA & Other Student Organizations
Kailey Soileau, President, Student Government Association
North/South Classroom                 
6:30 Student Organization Fair & Big Sib Pizza Party 2nd Floor Atrium


*All events on August 23-24 will take place in the North/South lecture hall, unless otherwise noted.


Missed sessions may result in the student not being allowed to register.