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Dr. William Edmondson



First Appt: 2009

Academic Background:

1976; O.D.; Pennsylvania College of Optometry
1974; B.S.; Pennsylvania College of Optometry
1972; M.A.T.; Indiana University
1969; B.A.; Ohio Wesleyan University


A Professor at Southern College of Optometry, Dr. Bill Edmondson serves as attending faculty for the Cornea-Contact Lens and Teen Clinics. He teaches a 3rd yr seminar on “Developing a Contact Lens Niche in your Practice”.

Dr. Edmondson is the recipient of the Lester Janoff Award for Excellence in Contact Lens Education & Research: 2016 (Association of Optometric Contact Lens Educators) and the 2013 Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Profession in Contact Lenses (Contact Lens and Cornea Section of the AOA).He holds licenses in TN and Oklahoma, where he is Anterior Segment Laser Certified.

As well as his own research interests in aspects of cornea- contact lenses and ocular pharmacology, Dr. Edmondson also works with students in the Summer Research Program at Southern College of Optometry, helping them to develop and complete small projects. He currently serves as a referee for journal publications in ocular pharmacology & contact lenses.


Applied Contact Lens Related Research studies

• Fitting Daily Multifocal Contact Lenses for Near Point Problems in Non- Presbyopes. Hoang M, Miles M, Edmondson, W. American Academy of Optometry, Chicago, IL. Nov. 2017

• Visual acuities of custom silicone hydrogel toric contact lenses vs BVA spectacle Rx". Moonan, J. Canton-Hoins, S. McKee, E., and Edmondson, W. Global Specialty Lens Symposium, Las Vegas, NV., Jan. 2014

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• Use of Daily Multifocal Contact Lenses in the Treatment of Convergence Excess. Kindy E, Smith A, and Edmondson, W. Global Specialty Lens Symposium. Las Vegas, NV. Jan. 2013.

• Comparison of Vision: Custom Silicone Hydrogel Toric Contact Lenses vs Manifest Refraction: Case Reports Edmondson, W. Canton, S. Global Specialty Lens Symposium, Las Vegas, NV., Jan. 2012

• Utilizing Multifocal Contact Lenses for Non Presbyopes. Edmondson, W. Canton, S. Global Specialty Lens Symposium, Las Vegas, NV., Jan. 2012.

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Educational Research Studies:

• The Flipped Classroom, a platform to introduce new faculty to didactic teaching in an Optometry program. Edmondson W, Snyder J, Borgman C. American Academy of Optometry, New Orleans. Oct. 2015.

• Does the Flipped Classroom work in an Optometry Program? (Paper) Edmondson, W. Ashe, J. American Academy of Optometry, Seattle, WA. Nov. 2013.

Applied Ocular Pharmacology Research Studies

• Comfort Comparison of Once-A-Day Anti-Allergy Ophthalmic Meds. Edmondson W, Snyder J, McKee E, Brown L. American Academy of Optometry, Anaheim, CA. Nov. 2016

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• Differences in Perceived Ocular Comfort for Anti-Allergy Medications for Subjects 40 years and older compared to those 32 years and younger. Snyder J, Edmondson W, Neighbors A, and McKee, E. American Academy of Optometry , Denver, Nov, 2014

• Comfort and Cost Comparisons of Ketotifen Anti-Allergy Drops. Snyder J, Neighbors A, Edmondson W McKee, E., American Optom. Assoc., Philadelphia, PA. June,2014.

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• Anti-Allergy Drop Comfort and Cost. Spears, K., McKee E, Edmondson W, American Optom. Assoc., Salt Lake City, Utah. June, 2011.

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• Anti-Allergy Drop Comfort & Cost. McKee E, McKee A, Edmondson, W., American Academy of Optometry, Tampa, Oct. 2007.

Applied Microbiology Research Studies

• Are experienced contact lens clinicians and staff at increased risk to be Methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA) carriers? Neighbors A. Canton-Hoins S. Newman, C. Edmondson, W. W.; Global Specialty Lens Symposium, Las Vegas, NV., Jan. 2014

• MRSA carriers in Contact Lens Wears at Southern College of Optometry. Canton, S., Edmondson W, American Optometric Assoc., Chicago, IL. June,2012.

• How Good are Alcohol Swabs? Comparison of Different Disinfecting Methods for the Goldmann Tonometer. Trout D, Edmondson W, Spears, K., American Optom. Assoc., Orlando, FL. June,2010.