Family Eye Care
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Program Mission:

We provide full scope care and the mission of this private practice residency is to prepare the optometrist to provide full-scope care primary, secondary, and tertiary care. As our name implies, Family Eye Care, we see members of the entire family, providing pediatric examinations through geriatric care.

We offer the resident the ability to develop proficiency in developmental vision, binocular vision and neuroptometric rehabilitation. We expect the resident to learn the art of examination, educating patients and practice management.

We expect the help the resident expand clinical examining and treatment skills, treatment options, and treatment follow through, enhancing the skills in all areas enumerated above. We emphasize integration of the structural and functional parts of optometry. We prescribe topical and oral medications and are involved in surgical pre and post op care.

Our expectation is to help the resident to develop the ability to meet and present to professionals both within optometry as well as others with whom we work collaboratively. Parents, teachers, OT’s, neuropsycholgoists, etc. The resident is expected to learn how to build and manage a successful private practice. He or she will learn the salient points of the business of optometric practice. We provide the opportunity to enhance skills in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of the scope of optometric practice.

Dr. Roth is a Fellow of the College in Vision Development and serves as COVD state director. COVD certifies doctors who offer Vision Therapy through a board certification process.

We proudly practice full scope optometry. We provide:
  1. General examinations, eye glasses and contact lenses. 
  2. Care for infants, children, adults and seniors. 
  3. Care for individuals with special needs, autism, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia.
  4. Vision Therapy and Neuroptometric Rehabilitation for children and adults. Functional optometry is an integral part of our practice. We provide care and therapy for individuals with learning related vision problems, strabismus, amblyopia, convergence insufficiency, traumatic brain injury and concussion, etc. 
  5. Treatment of eye disease; glaucoma and ocular surface disease primarily, but diabetic and hypertensive retinopathy, retinal disease, conjunctivitis, etc.
  6. Orthokeratology and specialty contact lenses
We serve as an externship site for 3 colleges of optometry.