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October 4-7: 2018 Homecoming/Fall CE Weekend

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2018 Fall CE Course Descriptions

NOTE: a variety of courses qualify as ETP, Pain Management and Therapeutic Certified for the State of Kentucky License Renewal (see agenda for details)


Friday, October 5, 2018


10 am to noon COURSE 1

Timeless Truths in Vision Development
Glen T. Steele, OD ‘69
2 Hours
COPE 58536-FV

There are certain truths in the course of visual development that have remained constant.  These concepts are being re-validated every day.  It is especially important in this modern age that we are aware of these concepts and that the assessment and management we provide is appropriate for that child.  Children may go through the stages at a faster pace or a slower pace but the markers along the way are consistent – and vision is the leader.  Issues arise because foundations are not set in one stage before moving on to the next stage of development.  This course will outline the steps for assessing visual development and show the critical role of vision in this process.


Noon to 1 pm COURSE 2 Lunch & Learn

Doomsday Prepping your Office Being Prepared without Being Paranoid
Kris May, OD ‘01
1 Hour
COPE 58877-PM

This course looks at prevention of and reaction to catastrophic events that can affect any practice, from life-threatening patient medical emergencies to personnel issues to severe weather or even terrorism.


1:30 to 3:30 pm COURSE 3

The OTC Annuity: Overview of the Overlooked in Treatment
Kris May, OD ‘01
2 Hours
COPE 58878-PH
This course will be accepted as 2 hours of therapeutic coursework for State of Kentucky Optometry License Renewal

Over the counter products for contact lens care, dry eye, ocular allergy and age related macular degeneration often fall by the wayside of clinical practice. This course will look at all facets of OTC treatment, focusing on how they can benefit our patients and practices.


3:30 to 4:30 pm COURSE 4

Anterior Segment Disease Case Studies
Andrew Crothers, MD
1 Hour
COPE 58820-AS

In my experience, there is almost no limit to what conditions an eye care provider might see and need to be prepared to care for on a given day. While most providers feel comfortable providing care for many anterior segment conditions some are rare enough that they may only be seen clinically a few times by a given physician if at all. Additionally new diagnostic approaches and treatment options are constantly being developed for even the most common of ocular disorders so that it is necessary to constantly review even these diseases in order to maintain an adequate knowledge base to provide patient care. By reviewing actual clinical cases which highlight current diagnosis and treatment options for various anterior segment diseases physicians can prepare themselves to provide the best possible care to their patients.


Saturday, October 6, 2018


7:00 to 8:00 am

Sponsored by Allergan/Allergan Academic Partnership

Join us on Campus to enjoy a for a FREE breakfast and a hands-on workshop to learn more about TrueTear™, the new drop-free, drug-free way to temporarily increase natural tear production through state-of-the-art technology in eye care:  neurostimulation.  Dr. Josh Johnston, a thought leader in diagnosing and treating ocular surface disease will be discussing the role of TrueTear™ as treatment option for your patients with dry eye disease.  He has utilized TrueTear™ in his practice for over a year and will provide practical pearls to help you succeed when offering this innovative treatment in your practice. 

To learn more about Dr. Johnston   https://www.gaeyepartners.com/metro-atlanta-eye-doctors/dr-josh-johnston/

For additional information about TrueTear™  https://www.truetear.com/



8:30 to 10:30 am COURSE 5

Keratoconus: Current Perspectives on Diagnosis, Treatment and Management
Peter Russo, OD
2 Hours
COPE 58579-AS

Our knowledge base regarding the diagnosis, treatment and management of keratoconus has grown substantially over the past few decades. While the diagnosis of corneal ectatic disease has vastly improved with refinements in corneal topography as well as its interpretation, new insights in the direction of biomarkers and tissue biomechanics have come into play. Unusual associations linking keratoconus to obstructive sleep apnea have been proposed and novel surgical treatment options have been approved. Collagen cross linking in conjunction with intrastromal rings as well as alternatives to full thickness corneal transplantation are widely used. The field of contact lenses has also contributed to improved quality of life for keratoconus patients with the resurgence and innovation of new scleral and hybrid lens designs. This course will review these topics to update practitioners on the latest clinical and evidence-based knowledge of keratoconus.


10:30 am to 12:30 pm COURSE 6

Challenging Cases in Glaucoma Evaluation and Management
Rex Ballinger, OD
2 Hours
COPE 58686-GL

Using case studies, a detailed review of interesting aspects of challenging glaucoma cases helps improve the determination of and management strategies of this disease.  Unique features of each case adds depth to our understanding, along with evidence-based science to improve favorable outcomes.


12:30 to 1:30 pm COURSE 7 Lunch & Learn

Myopia Control: Treatment Options for the Primary Care OD
Marie Bodack, OD
1 Hour
COPE 58684-GO

The prevalence of myopia is increasing in the United States and worldwide.  More and more patients are seeking options to slow the progression of nearsightedness.  This course will look at commonly used treatment options for myopia control, including spectacle correction, contact lenses and pharmaceutical options.  Advantages and disadvantages of each method and relative effectiveness will also be discussed. 


2 to 4 pm COURSE 8

Case Based Approach to Ophthalmic Ultrasound
Peter Russo, OD and Charles Kinnaird, OD
2 Hours
COPE 58683-PD

This course will emphasize the performance and interpretation of ophthalmic ultrasonography in clinical practice. The basis of the presentation will be case examples of primarily posterior segment pathology in which ophthalmic ultrasound provides key information in the differential diagnosis and management of each condition. Where appropriate, the fundamentals of ophthalmic ultrasound will be woven into the case examples to cover the best practices and principles for conducting, interpreting and recording images. The use of ultrasound biomicroscopy UBM for various anterior segment pathologies will also be covered.


4 to 6 pm COURSE 9

Expanding Optometric Scope: Advanced Primary Care Procedures
Jason Duncan, OD ‘96 and Jennifer Snyder, OD ‘12
2 Hours
COPE 58838-SP (CEE/TQ)
This course will be accepted as 2 hours of ETP for State of Kentucky Optometry License Renewal

Minor surgical procedures of the anterior segment and adnexa are quickly becoming a major part of the expanding scope of optometric practice.  This course will concentrate on those procedures that utilize needle drainage, injections, surgical blades, and/or radiofrequency surgical units.  The use of traditional minor surgical instrumentation as well as radiofrequency surgery will be discussed in detail to include lesion identification, management options, safety/emergency measures, surgical techniques, pre-operative and post-operative management, contraindications, and possible complications and their management.


Sunday, October 7, 2018


7:30 to 8:30 am

Join us on Campus and have the opportunity to learn more about harmful blue light and optical product solutions while enjoying a COMPLIMENTARY FULL BREAKFAST before starting your day


9 to 11 am COURSE 10

Ocular Arterial Disease Cases: Understanding the Evidence Based Medicine of Short and Long Term Management
Rex Ballinger, OD
2 Hours
COPE 58688-PS

Occlusions, emboli, and altered perfusions area all part of the range of presentations of ocular arterial vascular disease.  Reviewing the salient features of each case along with a discussion and review of the recent evidence in the literature helps to understand the prognosis and management of these patients.




9 to 11 am Special Session I

Southern College of Optometry’s Injections Procedures for Primary Eye Care
SCO Faculty
2 Hours
This course will be accepted as 2 hours of ETP for State of Kentucky Optometry License Renewal

This two-hour lecture will introduce attendees to the most common injection procedures performed in optometric primary care. Emphasis will be placed on legal and safety standards, equipment needed, and the proper technique of each injection. Commonly used injectable medications will also be covered. This lecture will teach attendees how to perform a variety of injections used in primary care optometric offices. Subconjunctival, intralesional, intramuscular, and intravenous injections will be demonstrated, as well as standard universal precautions.  Other injectable therapies such as retrobulbar and intravitreal injections will be discussed. Participants wishing to take part in procedures will perform injections on fellow participants.

NOTE: THIS COURSE IS LIMITED TO THE FIRST 24 REGISTRANTS.   If you are currently in the process of seeking licensure, please contact Jeanie Snider, CE Program Manager at (901) 722-3397 as this workshop alone does NOT meet the requirements for SCO’s Injections Series. 

**If you wish to take this workshop as a refresher workshop there is no prerequisite.


11 am to 1 pm Course 11 Lunch & Learn

An Exploration of Optic Nerve Edema
Taylor Kiser, OD ‘12
2 Hours
COPE 58742-NO (CEE/TQ)

Patients who present with optic nerve edema are often clinically challenging. This two-hour continuing education lecture will review the clinical presentation of various optic neuropathies. The course will also discuss the utilization of diagnostic tools for improved clinical decision-making. Options for medical management of each condition will be discussed and case examples will be utilized to reinforce the topics.




11 am to 1 pm Special Session II Lunch & Learn

Southern College of Optometry’s Rational Prescribing and Drug Diversion
Scott Ensor, OD ’01, MS
2 Hours
COPE 58834-EJ (CEE/TQ)
This course will be accepted as 2 hours of pain management for State of Kentucky Optometry License Renewal

This course will review the various aspects of prescription writing to include the required elements of a prescription and information regarding controlled substances. The course also will discuss the acquisition of a DEA number and prevention of diversion. Finally, an overview of common prescribing errors will be presented and the course will conclude with suggestions to enhance patient compliance. This course meets the latest Tennessee state requirement designed specifically for two hours of prescribing practices.

***This course requires a minimum of 10 attendees.  If the minimum is not met SCO reserves the right to withdraw the course from this event's course offerings.  In only this instance will a refund be allowed for this course only.****




11 am to 1 pm Special Session III Lunch & Learn

Optometric Medical Errors Analyzing Causes and Risk
Chris Lievens, OD, MS
2 Hours
COPE ID: 52489-EJ

Landmark optometry and ophthalmology patient cases will be discussed as they relate to current practice challenges. Each of these cases starts with a common issue Medical Errors. Errors will be discussed in an interactive format as they apply to most eye care practices. The legal obligations and responsibilities of the optometrist as a health care practitioner are the backbone of this lecture specifically relating to test selection, proper procedures in testing, record keeping, informed consent, malpractice, and other clinical aspects of practice. Each case discussed will be highlighted by a focus on the root-cause, analysis, error reduction, prevention, patient safety with a corresponding discussion.  NOTE: (This course meets the requirement for medical errors education for the state of Florida)