Eye Serve Memphis Volunteer Opportunity Details
What's Next?

Give back to your community and network with fellow alumni and students during the Inaugural SCO Day of Service.  

Register to participate in a service project that will positively impact Memphis.  All service projects are scheduled for Saturday morning of Homecoming weekend.  Transportation will be provided to/from each location.

Once you have completed your service project, join us back on campus for a Lunch ‘n Serve to share your experiences with the other volunteers.

The volunteer opportunities and our partner organizations are listed below.

Additional questions?  Contact Beth Fisher at 901.722.3285 or [email protected]


Dorothy Day House 

The Dorothy Day House keeps homeless families together, creating a safe haven and a community for entire families. 

In typical shelters, homeless families are often separated.  Men are sent to one shelter while women, girls, and little boys are sent to another shelter. Parents often must place their teenage boys in foster care, or find someone willing to provide a home and care for them.  This means that parents cannot stay with their older sons; fathers must leave their daughters and small sons; husbands are separated from wives. Often, rather than experience the trauma of separation, families choose to live in a vehicle or stay in uninhabitable places.

Homelessness is traumatic for the entire family.  How can a family begin to address the dilemmas that face them when they are not allowed to stay together to plan?

We welcome the whole family at the Dorothy Day House and we encourage the strengthening of family bonds during this time of trauma. Because we house several families at a time, our residents are able to offer mutual support and encouragement as they face and overcome the shared obstacles of poverty and homelessness. Families work together to clean and maintain the house and to cook meals. This home-like atmosphere provides a sense of security, especially for the children, fosters self-esteem and uplifts the human spirit. It creates one of the most vital ingredients for escaping poverty—hope.

Website: http://www.dorothydaymemphis.org/

More about the Dorothy Day House (PDF)


Memphis Animal Services

Our Mission

To enforce animal care and control laws. We protect the rights of people against the dangers and nuisances of uncontrolled animals and protect animals from mistreatment and abuse.

We envision the day when all citizens, their property and neighborhoods will be safe from the dangers and nuisances of irresponsible pet ownership; when animals will not suffer because of human abuse, neglect, or ignorance; and when pets will be spayed or neutered to prevent the wanton destruction of healthy, well adjusted animals.

Website:  https://www.memphistn.gov/cms/One.aspx?portalId=11150816&pageId=12126036

More about Memphis Animal Services (PDF)


Memphis Medical District Collaborative

The Memphis Medical District Collaborative creates connections between people and places by re-imagining the streets, plazas, and green spaces within the District.

MMDC's programs and incentives work to strengthen the neighborhoods in the District to make the area more livable, vibrant, and safe. The Collaborative is involved in over 20 initiatives in the District.    

Website:  https://www.mdcollaborative.org/

More about the Memphis Medical District Collaborative (PDF)


Memphis Zoo

Our Mission

Connect people with wildlife.

Our Vision

To preserve wildlife through education, conservation and research. Aware that the zoo of tomorrow begins today, our staff and volunteers are dedicated to providing a naturalistic and enriching sanctuary for our animals, and a clean, friendly, entertaining and educational experience for our guests. Together, we are building one of the world’s great zoos.

Website:  https://www.memphiszoo.org/

More about the Memphis Zoo (PDF)


Thistle & Bee 

"Thistle & Bee is a social enterprise created to employ women who have survived trafficking and prostitution. The organization exists to support women as they rebuild their lives. They raise bees and grow herbs. They harvest honey and make herbal tea and granola. Survivors are paid $13.25 an hour for their work. Everything they do, as a team, is intended to be healing. At Thistle & Bee, they recognize that all people are wounded and struggling to be whole. They believe that healing happens in community. While one person is being assisted by another, the “assister” is being held up by someone else. We belong to each other and believe in the power of love to transform our brokenness into wholeness. Their program includes attention toward and investment in physical health, spiritual health, emotional health, financial health and employment skills.”

Website:  http://www.thistleandbee.org/survivor-employment 

More about Thistle & Bee (PDF)