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Donor Impact

Without question, support from alumni and friends makes a tremendous impact on the mission of the college. For this reason, SCO remains a leader in optometric education. Students continue to learn in an environment that is technologically advanced, which in turn, supports their classroom and clinical education. Their clinical experience is shaped by diverse patient care opportunities both on and off campus. All told, SCO produces top quality optometric physicians, who upon graduation, are prepared to practice full scope optometry and are responsive to the need for being an active member of our profession. These are professionals that you will be proud to call colleagues.






Optometry Student“The environment at SCO is one that allows me to explore, create, lead, and serve. I am so grateful for even having been considered to be a recipient of one of the endowed scholarships here at SCO.”
— KAY P. ’16


Optometry Student“I am currently completing a residency in primary care, ocular disease, and low vision. SCO provided a solid background in managing ocular disease patients. The scholarships I received both rewarded me for my hard work during school and encouraged me to continue to work hard to promote the profession.” 
— STACEY H., OD ’14

Optometry Student“SCO has given me a well-rounded educational and clinical experience. The diversity of patient encounters that I’ve experienced makes me confident in my ability to handle the wide variety of situations that will arise in my career.”
— MICHAEL W., OD ’15 


Optometry Student“I can sincerely say that the Endowed Scholarship I’ve been given has allowed me a great financial sigh of relief. When I received word that I had been selected as a recipient of the Dean’s Endowed Scholarship, I had already chosen SCO as my top optometry school. The financial award solidified my decision to attend SCO. It built my confidence in pursuing my optometric degree, reminding me to always give my studies and patients my best.
Most importantly, it has allowed me to experience generosity by seeing the investment that others make in the next generation of optometrists.”
— ALISON B., OD ’15 


Optometry Student“Being the recipient of an SCO Endowed Scholarship has been such a blessing. I have dreamt of becoming an optometrist since my first eye exam at seven years old, and Southern College of Optometry has been my first choice optometric institution since my freshman year at Florida State University. However, being a Florida resident means that I must pay a higher non-regional tuition. I am also a first generation college student in a household with separated parents, so I have no family financial support for my education. This scholarship is relieving some of my financial burden so that I can achieve my dream of becoming an optometrist without the added stress of indebtedness.”


Optometry Student“From day one, SCO has provided me with a world-class education, along with wonderful experiences and opportunities that I could not have imagined would be a part of my four years here as a student. I was educated by caring, motivated professors that were truly focused on my success. The focus was always on my future, and I am confident that my time at SCO has prepared me for a wide range of professional opportunities post-graduation. The skills, perspectives, and knowledge that I learned from my professors have taught me to be organized, detail oriented and thorough, which is all critical in patient care. All of the school screenings, nursing home visits, health fairs, and long days in clinic will forever be appreciated as I know that each experience has collectively built upon my confidence when it comes to providing excellent clinical care.”

“First-class facilities combined with top-notch scholars who are eager to teach their craft to future generations cultivates an environment in which students can truly embrace the learning experience, and that is what makes SCO an institution of higher learning. It is a privilege and honor to be a student at SCO, and I will forever be proud to tell anyone where I received my optometric training, as I know without the shadow of a doubt that I was trained by the absolute best.”
— ADAM Y., OD ’14