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Disabilities Services

Students with Disabilities

The college complies with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. These laws provide that educational institutions offer reasonable accommodations for persons with applicable disabilities.

The college has a procedure for students seeking accommodation for disabilities. To initiate the procedure, the student shall submit a written request to the Vice President for Student Services, signed and dated by the student, describing the specific accommodation(s) sought by the student. The student’s request should be supported by acceptable verification of the existence of a disability. To be acceptable, the verification shall be received by the college in writing directly from an appropriate authority, bearing a current date and the issuing authority’s original signature.

The college reserves the right to determine what, if any, accommodation is to be offered. Therefore the verification should provide sufficient information for the college to determine that the student’s request is appropriate, and that the college’s granting of the request will assist in reasonably accommodating the disability. Specifically, the verification should include:

  1. A diagnosis or description of the disability.
  2. A prognosis for any change in the disability.
  3. The date of the authority’s last evaluation of the student.
  4. The date the student should next be reevaluated.

This verification is required in connection with the student’s initial request, and may be required periodically thereafter.

This procedure is mandatory unless waived in writing in advance by the Vice President for Student Services. Contact the Student Services Office for further information.