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SCO By the Numbers

Southern College of Optometry by the Numbers

SCO’s numbers reflect the strength of our optometry school and the top qualified students we recruit. From our low student/faculty ratio to the number of patient encounters our interns experience by their graduation, the facts speak for themselves as to why SCO is a leading choice for optometry students across the nation.

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Latest Posts

  • Those who guided me towards optometry 7/10/17
    Hey there readers! Today I'd like to share with you about the individuals who influenced me to choose optometry as my profession of choice. It's funny because I have been wearing glas...
  • SCO Releases Uncompensated Care Numbers 10/11/17
    During its 2016-2017 fiscal year, Southern College of Optometry’s clinical programs provided $1,844,415 in uncompensated optometric care in the Memphis community, a 183 percent increase si...
  • Farias, Lyerly to Receive Alumni Awards 6/12/17
    SCO has selected two outstanding alumni to be recognized at the college's Fall Homecoming and Continuing Education Weekend. Receiving SCO's Lifetime Achievement Award - the highest hono...
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