What's Next?

As you anticipate your annual expenses, you will find that some expenses, such as tuition, books and fees, are fixed, giving you no control over how much you must spend. However, there are many expenses that you can control based on your budget and lifestyle decisions, such as room and board, transportation, supplies, and personal expenses.

SCO students will encounter other expenses related to the curriculum, which are hard to determine in advance. These include the cost of taking state boards as well as costs related to clinical externships, which may be located in another city or state and require relocation expenses.

The cost of housing is often the largest single living expense for graduate students, so it is important to consider all possible options when making decisions about where you will live. Consider the following questions:

  1. Should you share with a roommate? This can cut housing costs in half. Graduate students typically do not spend a lot of time in their apartments.
  2. Are utilities included in the rent of an apartment? Is there an additional cost for parking?