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Summer Research Fellowship

SCO Summer Research Fellowship

The summer research fellowship program was designed to offer talented students a chance to participate in faculty-directed research. Each selected student will be paired with a clinical research optometrist who will guide the fellow’s research experience.

The program provides opportunities for:

  • Hands-on experience with ophthalmic research techniques
  • Interaction with accomplished mentors
  • Guidance for hypothesis development, research methodology and presentation of research results.

Students are expected to:

  • Commit at least 20 hours per week for 10 weeks during the Summer semester
  • Present their research results at a national optometric meeting

The Fellowship offers a $2,500 stipend plus an additional $500 reimbursement for conference travel to present results in either in a Poster or Paper format.

Research Topics Include

  • Pediatrics and Vision Therapy
  • Contact Lenses
  • Visual Perception
  • Anterior Segment
  • Dry Eye
  • Regulation of choroidal blood flow in animal models
  • Ocular Pharmacology
  • Other topics as developed with a faculty mentor

All applications will be reviewed by the Research Committee. Six (6) finalists will be chosen for the program. Those six will be paired with faculty members in an area of interest.

Recent Fellowship Presentations

2017 AOA

Dr. Paul Harris, Zachary German ’19 and Laura Roberts ’18
Validation of the Effect of Glare on Contrast Sensitivity Under Mesopic and Photopic Conditions

Dr. Patricia Cisarik and Bradley Schuster ’18 
Method Comparison for Blood Pressure Measurement: An Oscillometric Wrist versus LED Sphygmomanometer

Dr. Patricia Cisarik and Lauren Bruehl ’18 
Brachial to Radial Systolic Blood Pressure Amplification in Young, Healthy Adults


2017 A AO

Kamil Hill ’19, Drs. Mike Christensen and Chris Borgman
Two Forms of Tonometry Measurements over 3 Types of Soft Bandage Contact Lenses in Healthy Subjects

Dr. Patricia Cisarik, Jessica Ward ’18 and Nicholas Sachse ’18
Effect of Rate of Stimulus Temporal Sweep Change on Measured CFF in Young, Healthy Adults

Jennifer Nguyen ’19, Lindsey Brise ’19, Kamil Hill ’19, Jennifer Stewart ’19 and Dr. Patricia Cisarik
Vertical Saccades in a Normal Adult Population: Subjective Assessment with Digit Naming – A Pilot Study

Christianne Belair ’19 and Dr. Kristina Haworth 
Effect of UV-absorbing Contact Lenses on Conjunctival Ultraviolet Autofluorescence

Dr. Mary Hoang, Meagan Miles ’19 and Dr. William Edmondson
Fitting Daily Multifocal Contact Lenses for Near Point Problems in Non-Presbyopes


2017 ARVO

Genevive Schade ’19 and Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald, et. al.
Visual Evoked Potential Measure Luminance Contrast Masked by Color Noise