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SCO was founded in Memphis in 1932 and has been located at its present site since 1954.

Built in 1970, our high-rise academic facility recently launched a $9.4 million expansion and renovation project. Located behind our existing 11-story tower, SCO’s new state-of-the-art academic facility provides new, flexible classroom space that adds more than 23,000 square feet to our campus footprint. New pre-clinical lab areas were added to the first floor of our existing building as well.

The Eye Center, a 50,000 square foot facility, is considered one of the nation’s leading facilities of its kind. Students assist experienced staff optometrists and physicians in providing care for patients in the areas of primary care optometry, pediatrics and vision therapy, contact lenses, eye disease, geriatrics and low vision, and dispensing.

The college also provides services in several external clinics to serve Memphians and to provide clinical education for its students. To continue the SCO tradition of excellence in clinical education, additional opportunities for patient care experiences are explored on an on-going basis.

Affiliation with new health care centers, expanded hours of clinical operations, and other programs are also continuously evaluated to further clinical opportunities for students. Externship sites are available throughout the country for the advanced clinical education of fourth-year students.

The library occupies an entire floor and contains visual science and related materials. The library produces VISIONET, a computerized data base, which is the only existing comprehensive index of optometric literature in the world. Literature searches from this database are free for students.

The Department of Information Services is responsible for the overall coordination and development of innovative technologies at the College, especially computer aided instruction. The Department maintains the Learning Resource Center (LRC), which provides equipment and technical support to enhance the understanding of the substantive and procedural aspects of optometry. Included in the LRC are computers and multimedia equipment for audio and video resources.

Students participate in a variety of team sports and athletic endeavors at the recently renovated Activity Center. Also available for spouses and guests, the Center houses an indoor basketball/volleyball court, two racquetball courts, exercise equipment, lockers and showers, and student organization offices.

Ample free parking is available for properly registered vehicles.